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2022 World Cup: 7 Reasons Why It Is The Most Exciting In Recent Years

2022 World Cup: 7 Reasons Why It Is The Most Exciting In Recent Years

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest and most prestigious football tournament in the world, generating unrivaled excitement among fans from all corners of the globe. It’s a spectacle that brings millions of people together to support their favorite national team and enjoy some exciting new moments every time it comes around. Over the years, we have seen many thrilling World Cup tournaments with numerous upsets and unforgettable goals. For example, take a look at this stunning goal by striker James Rodrigues from last year’s tournament:

Who will win the World Cup?

On paper, Brazil, Germany and France look like the strongest contenders to lift the trophy in Russia. In terms of defending champions, Brazil has the highest chance of retaining the title, but they will start as slight underdogs given the tough group they are placed in along with the psychological damage from their 7-1 loss to Germany in the semi-finals four years ago. Germany is the most consistent team in the tournament history, finishing in top-4 in 8 of last 11 world cups. They have arguably one of the strongest teams of this decade and have a favorable draw to go all the way. France comes into the tournament with a lot of confidence after winning the UEFA Euro in 2018, but they have a tricky group and will have to be at their best to get out. France has won the World Cup just once, in 1998, and had the most points in the group stage in Brazil 2014, but lost to Germany in the semifinals.

Why is this World Cup so exciting?

It’s a combination of a new format that increases the number of participating teams by 50% and a few rule changes that are expected to make the tournament more thrilling than ever before. FIFA decided to expand the number of qualifying teams from 32 to 48, and now the teams that finish seventh and eighth in the Copa America will be able to qualify for the tournament. The new format means that the tournament will be more competitive than ever before, allowing teams that may not be considered favorites to go far in the tournament. The new rule changes are also expected to make the games more exciting. The introduction of video assistant referees (VAR) will help referees make accurate decisions, reducing the number of fouls, penalties and incorrect red cards. With more fouls leading to free kicks and fewer penalties awarded, each game will be more balanced, leading to more competitive matches.

Which teams to watch out for?

Brazil: As the defending champions, Brazil will be the team to beat in this edition. They have an experienced team with stars like Neymar and Coutinho in the lineup. However, they have a tough group with Switzerland, Serbia and Costa Rica that will make it difficult for them to progress to the next stage. Spain: Spain has won two World Cups in 2010 and 2014, but they are a team to watch out for in this tournament as well. They have one of the strongest lineups on paper and will be looking to win their third title. Germany: Germany is the most successful team in the last decade, winning the last three tournaments. They are the defending champions and have a strong team, so they will be a team to watch out for. France: France has a great team and has been the most consistent team in the last few years. With their victory in the UEFA Euro in 2018, they will be looking to win their second World Cup title. Argentina: Argentina has one of the strongest teams in the tournament and is a team to watch out for, especially with Messi in good form. They are expected to go far in the tournament and may even lift the title if everything goes according to plan.

More VAR, less fouls and penalties

VAR will be used in the tournament for the first time. The referee can go to the video assistant to review the decisions made on the pitch. It will be used for four different situations: Penalty decisions, red card decisions, mistaken identity and offside decisions. VAR will help reduce the number of fouls, penalties and incorrect red card decisions and make the games more competitive. Players will also be more careful when challenging for the ball, as they will know that they may be sent off or not receive a penalty if they are found guilty of a foul. The number of penalties awarded in the World Cup will also likely decrease, as referees will be more careful when making decisions.

The most unique feature of the tournament: 48-team FIFA World Cup

One of the biggest changes in this tournament is the number of teams that will be competing for the title. After years of debate, FIFA decided to expand the number of teams that qualify for the World Cup. The initial proposal was to increase the number of participating teams to 40, but they decided to go even further and increase it to 48. The number of participating teams was 16 in the first three World Cups and is 32 since the 1982 edition. The next edition will feature 48 teams, which is the largest ever. There will be 16 groups of three teams each, and the top two will advance to the knockout stage. This is the first time that the World Cup has increased the number of teams since the tournament was first played in 1930.

Three must-watch games:

– Brazil vs. Switzerland (19th June): The FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia with a bang, when Brazil takes on Switzerland in the group opener. This is the first game of the tournament, where everything will be new and there will be a lot of pressure on both teams to win. – Germany vs. Mexico (27th June): The defending champions face a tough test in their first game when they take on Mexico. This is likely to be one of the most entertaining group stage matches, with both teams having a lot to prove. – Argentina vs. Croatia (16th June): This is one of the most balanced groups in the tournament and could see any two teams advance to the next stage. Croatia could be a dark horse in this tournament and it would be interesting to see how they challenge Argentina. – France vs. Australia (16th June): France will be looking to win their second World Cup title in the Russian Suburban’s and they start their campaign against Australia. This is one of the first games of the tournament and will be a tough test.

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